Artisans, connecting the Colombian culture with the world

Perhaps more than ever in the history of our existence, we see the need to be united as a society, humanity manages this planet with abundant resources, but limited as well. And in a world with so many gaps, we have discovered in Hand Crafts one of those elements that unites, approaches, connects the human being with mother earth, the communities with their ancestors, the citizens with its origin, with our essence.

Colombian crafts are now becoming a bridge that connects one country with another and transcends beyond the different tastes, ideology or social status. It is an element that you find in many outfits of rich and poor people; the tastes of the republicans and the democrats. It has a lot of art, but also a lot of culture. And just as it happens with the many festivals and cultural traditions around the world, the value of the artisan trade does not distinguish race, religion, status or origin.

In Colombia, the vueltiao hat is worn by the peasant and also the famous international Singer Carlos Vives. The craftsman uses it to work and the businessman when he goes riding.

You can find hammocks in your grandparents house, in any corner of the Colombian Caribbean. But also in hostels and exclusive five star hotels in Cartagena.

The Arhuaca backpack is used by the indigenous, the traveler, the student, as well as anyone who knows and appreciates the ancestral weaving tradition of the peoples who inhabit the Sierra Nevada.

Clay pots can be the crockery of a peasant family in Boyacá, or the tableware of a typical Bogota restaurant. But they go around the world and reach the most luxurious houses in Amsterdam.

 As you can see, we have a lot to learn about the effect craft products have on our society! We invite you to find in each of your purchase decisions, what builds social fabric; to know the imprint left by what you consume, and to understand the immaterial meaning of what you use. We will thus be cultivating a more conscious and tolerant society, capable of finally beginning to practice the challenging art of sustainability.

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